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WTAR-WTKR Hampton Roads, Virginia Historic News Film Collection

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An unidentified speaker talking about the increasing threat of weapons of mass destruction which can be only remedied by a free society with justice and rule of law. Footage abruptly ends at 1:28, in which footage of a dry cleaners suddenly appears. 0:01:28


Tidewater Viewpoint segment at Norfolk Regional Airport in regard to weather forecasting with sounding (weather) balloons. 0:07:41


Footage of a weather balloon being put together and prepared for flight, location unknown. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:50


Tidewater Viewpoint segment on weather forecasting. An interview with Norfolk Weather Bureau official, Glenn Sachse is featured 0:07:50


Tidewater Viewpoint segment on the merger of Warwick County and Newport News, featuring a parade and formal ribbon cutting ceremony. Virginia Governor J. Almond Lindsay is featured making a speech regarding the merger. 0:17:16


Footage of the USS Valcour (AVP-55) arriving back home to Naval Station Norfolk, after a Middle Eastern cruise. During that cruise, the ship was the first American Naval vessel to visit the Seychelles Islands. No sound until 0:37 0:01:42


Footage of United States Navy Patrol Squadron 24 (VP-24) coming home to family at Naval Station Norfolk. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:52


Footage of United States Vice President Hubert Humphrey, former United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Richard M. Nixon stumping for Virginian political candidates. Footage is spliced and abruptly ends at 0:36. 0:00:37


Footage of the West German Navy visiting their American counterparts at Naval Station Norfolk. The ships that the German Navy are on (Zerst?rer 4-D178 and Zerst?rer 5-D179) once belonged to the United States Navy as the USS Claxton and the USS Dyson, that were transferred to West Germany in 1959 and 1960. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:47


Footage of planning for the West Hampton (Old Hampton) neighborhood to be revitalized which includes the building of a new community center. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:01:40


Brief interview with a West Point cadet Joseph G. Adams, who is visiting Little Creek Amphibious Base along with other cadets to watch the Naval Academy midshipmen perform landing exercises at the base. No sound until 0:12. Interview cuts off at 1:02. Possible outtake footage. 0:01:02


Footage of the site of where the Battle of Great Bridge took place in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Battle of Great Bridge was fought on December 9, 1775, in which troops loyal to Lord Dunmore (Royal Governor of Virginia) attacked the Second Virginia Regiment over the 'Great Bridge'-a wooden causeway across the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. The Second Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel William Woodford, defeated Dunmore's troops. This victory caused Dunmore and his remaining troops to retreat to Norfolk. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:01:00


While Joe Was Boss news special produced by WTAR Public Affairs and News, which is about Newport News city manager, Joe Biggins. Biggins served as city manager from 1925-1965. 0:29:40


Footage from a public meeting regarding state bonds to fund public education. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:40


Footage of an large prefabricated building in the midst of being transported, getting stuck on a median on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk, Virginia. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:49


Tidewater Viewpoint segment at Willard Elementary School in regard to educational resource rooms. 0:08:10


Segment and interview with William B. Spong, Jr., Virginia State Senator and chairman of the Virginia Commission on Public Education, regarding the constant need for teachers and that distance education cannot be a substitute for them. From the WTAR news special "The New Look in Education." No sound from 1:33 to 2:31 and 5:06-7:21. Footage from various elementary and high schools interspersed in the segment and interview. 0:07:23


Footage from a press conference given by potential Virginia gubernatorial candidate, William C. Battle. Battle, a former United States Ambassador to Australia and a Democrat ran against Republican A. Linwood Holton, Jr. in 1969, but lost. Possible B-roll/outtake footage. 0:01:24


Interview with William C. Battle, former U. S. ambassador to Australia, who is planning to run in the 1969 Gubernatorial Election. Footage is spliced together. 0:01:27


Reporter Jim Oliver mentioning William C. Battle's visit to Norfolk. Battle, former U. S. ambassador to Australia, is planning to run in the 1969 Gubernatorial Election. 0:01:38


Interview with United States Army officer William D. Hackett in regard to a future trip to climb Mt. Everest. 0:01:54


Interview with Freemason Street Baptist Church minister William L. Lumpkin. Footage is spliced together. Footage goes silent at 2:10. 0:02:18


Footage of areas around Willoughby Spit, located in the Ocean View Area of Norfolk, Virginia. Footage consists of an old and rotting boat dock, a liter-strewn beach, and three people with a sailboat. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:57


Silent footage of heavy flooding caused by rains and wind in the Windsor Woods neighborhood located in Virginia Beach. Footage has no sound. B-roll/outtake footage. 0:00:34


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